Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Reds times, TV announced

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Fox Sports Net announced Tuesday that it will broadcast 100 Reds games during the 2004 season. The team also released its regular-season schedule with start times.

Cincinnati's season-opening game against the Cubs at 2:10 p.m. April 5 at Great American Ball Park will begin the cable network's coverage, which includes 60 road games.Play-by-play man George Grande and color analyst Chris Welsh will return for their 12th season together. Dan Hoard will host the Real Reds pregame show.

Reds schedule

* = Game on Fox Sports Net


5 Mon. CHICAGO2:10 p.m.*
7 Wed. CHICAGO7:10 p.m.*
8Thurs.CHICAGO12:35 p.m.
9 Fri. PITTSBURGH7:10 p.m.*
10Sat.PITTSBURGH1:15 p.m.
11Sun.PITTSBURGH1:15 p.m.
12Mon.@ Philadelphia1:05 p.m.
14 Wed.@ Philadelphia7:05 p.m.*
15Thurs.@ Philadelphia1:05 p.m.
16Fri.@ Chicago3:20 p.m.
17 Sat.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.*
18 Sun.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.*
19Mon.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.
20 Tues. ATLANTA7:10 p.m.*
22Wed.ATLANTA7:10 p.m.
23 Fri. @ Pittsburgh7:05 p.m.*
24 Sat. @ Pittsburgh7 p.m.*
25 Sun. @ Pittsburgh7 p.m.*
26 Mon. @ Pittsburgh7 p.m.*
27 Tues. @ Milwaukee7:30 p.m.*
28 Wed. @ Milwaukee7:30 p.m.*
30 Fri. @ Houston8 p.m.*


1 Sat. @ Houston7:05 p.m.*
2 Sun. @ Houston2:05 p.m.*
3 Mon. @ Houston8:05 p.m.*
4Tue.MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.
5Wed.MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.
6 Thurs. MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.*
7 Fri. SAN FRANCISCO7:10 p.m.*
8 Sat. SAN FRANCISCO1:15 p.m.*
9Sun.SAN FRANCISCO1:15 p.m.
11Tue.@ San Diego10:05 p.m.
12Wed.@ San Diego10:05 p.m.
13 Thurs. @ San Diego10:05 p.m.*
14 Fri. @ Los Angeles10:10 p.m.*
15 Sat. @ Los Angeles10:10 p.m.*
16 Sun. @ Los Angeles4:10 p.m.*
18Tue.COLORADO7:10 p.m.
19 Wed. COLORADO7:10 p.m.*
20 Thurs. COLORADO7:10 p.m.*
21 Fri. HOUSTON7:10 p.m.*
22 Sat. HOUSTON7:10 p.m.*
23Sun.HOUSTON1:15 p.m.
24 Mon. HOUSTON7:10 p.m.*
25 Tues. FLORIDA7:10 p.m.*
26 Wed. FLORIDA7:10 p.m.*
27Thurs.FLORIDA12:35 p.m.
28 Fri. @ Montreal7:05 p.m.*
29 Sat. @ Montreal7:05 p.m.*
30Sun.@ Montreal1:05 p.m.
31 Mon. @ Florida4:05 p.m.*


1 Tues. @ Florida7:10 p.m.*
2Wed.@ Florida1:05 p.m.
4 Fri. MONTREAL7:10 p.m.*
5Sat.MONTREAL7:10 p.m.
6Sun.MONTREAL1:15 p.m.
7Mon.@ Oakland10:05 p.m.
8 Tues. @ Oakland10:05 p.m.*
9 Wed. @ Oakland10:05 p.m.*
11 Fri. @ Cleveland7:05 p.m.*
12 Sat. @ Cleveland7:05 p.m.*
13 Sun. @ Cleveland1:15 p.m.*
15 Tues. TEXAS7:10 p.m.*
16 Wed. TEXAS7:10 p.m.*
17Thurs.TEXAS12:35 p.m.
18 Fri. @ St. Louis8:10 p.m.*
19 Sat. @ St. Louis7:15 p.m.*
20 Sun. @ St. Louis2:15 p.m.*
22 Tues. @ New York7:10 p.m.*
23 Wed. @ New York7:10 p.m.*
24Thurs.@ New York1:10 p.m.
25 Fri. PITTSBURGH7:10 p.m.*
26Sat.PITTSBURGH7:10 p.m.
27Sun. PITTSBURGH1:15 p.m.
29 Tues. NEW YORK7:10 p.m.*
30 Wed. NEW YORK7:10 p.m.*


1Thurs.NEW YORK12:35 p.m.
2 Fri.CLEVELAND7:10 p.m.
3 Sat. CLEVELAND7:10 p.m.*
4 Sun. CLEVELAND1:15 p.m.*
5 Mon. @ St. Louis2:15 p.m.*
6 Tues. @ St. Louis8:10 p.m.*
7 Wed. @ St. Louis8:10 p.m.*
8 Thurs. @ Milwaukee8:05 p.m.*
9 Fri. @ Milwaukee8:05 p.m.*
10 Sat. @ Milwaukee7:05 p.m.*
11 Sun. @ Milwaukee2:05 p.m.*
15 Thurs. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
16 Fri. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
17 Sat. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
18Sun.ST. LOUIS1:15 p.m.
19 Mon. MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.*
20Tues.MILWAUKEE12:35 p.m.
21Wed.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.
22Thurs.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.
23 Fri. @ Pittsburgh7:05 p.m.*
24 Sat. @ Pittsburgh7:05 p.m.*
25Sun.@ Pittsburgh1:35 p.m.
26 Mon. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
27 Tues. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
28 Wed. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
30 Fri. HOUSTON7:10 p.m.*


1 Sun. HOUSTON1:15 p.m.*
3 Tues. @ San Francisco10:15 p.m.*
4 Wed. @ San Francisco10:15 p.m.*
5Thurs.@ San Francisco3:35 p.m.
6 Fri. @ Colorado9:05 p.m.*
7 Sat. @ Colorado8:05 p.m.*
8 Sun. @ Colorado3:05 p.m.*
10 Tues. LOS ANGELES7:10 p.m.*
11 Wed. LOS ANGELES7:10 p.m.*
12Thurs.LOS ANGELES12:35 p.m.
13Fri.SAN DIEGO7:10 p.m.
14 Sat. SAN DIEGO7:10 p.m.*
15 Sun. SAN DIEGO1:15 p.m.*
16 Mon. @ St. Louis8:10 p.m.*
17 Tues. @ St. Louis8:10 p.m.*
18 Wed. @ St. Louis8:10 p.m.*
20Fri.@ Arizona10:05 p.m.
21 Sat. @ Arizona10:05 p.m.*
22 Sun. @ Arizona4:35 p.m.*
24 Tues. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
25 Wed. ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.*
26Thurs.ST. LOUIS7:10 p.m.
27Fri.ARIZONA7:10 p.m.
28Sat.ARIZONA7:10 p.m.
29Sun.ARIZONA1:15 p.m.
30 Mon. HOUSTON7:10 p.m.*
31 Tues. HOUSTON7:10 p.m.*


1Wed.HOUSTON12:35 p.m.
3 Fri. @ Milwaukee8:05 p.m.*
4 Sat. @ Milwaukee7:05 p.m.*
5Sun.@ Milwaukee2:05 p.m.
6 Mon. @ Houston2:05 p.m.*
7 Tues. @ Houston8:05 p.m.*
8 Wed. @ Houston8:05 p.m.*
9Thurs.MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.
10Fri.MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.
11Sat.MILWAUKEE7:10 p.m.
12Sun.MILWAUKEE1:15 p.m.
13Mon.PHILADELPHIA7:10 p.m.
14Tues.PHILADELPHIA7:10 p.m.
15 Wed.PHILADELPHIA12:35 p.m.
16 Thurs. CHICAGO7:10 p.m.*
17Fri.CHICAGO7:10 p.m.
18Sat.CHICAGO7:10 p.m.
19Sun.CHICAGO1:15 p.m.
21 Tues. @ Atlanta7:35 p.m.*
22 Wed. @ Atlanta7:05 p.m.*
23 Thurs. @ Atlanta7:35 p.m.*
24 Fri. @ Pittsburgh7:05 p.m.*
25 Sat. @ Pittsburgh7:05 p.m.*
26Sun.@ Pittsburgh1:35 p.m.
27Mon.@ Chicago8:05 p.m.
28Tues.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.
29Wed.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.
30Thurs.@ Chicago2:20 p.m.


1 Fri. PITTSBURGH 7:10 p.m.
2 Sat. PITTSBURGH 1:15 p.m.
3 Sun. PITTSBURGH 1:15 p.m.
All times subject to change

* - Game on Fox Sports Net

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