Sunday, January 11, 2004

Reds e-mail Q&A

My inbox was stuffed with Pete Rose missives this week.

Read on:

Q, from Kevin in Lafayette, Ind.: I'm so bored with the Pete Rose saga. When can we start talking about baseball again? Why should any of this stuff matter to anyone when the Reds still have a hole at third, need another lefty in the pen, and have a whole bench to fill out. Kudos to the coaching selections and theCory Lidle signing!

A: Kevin, thank your lucky stars that you're not at ground zero in the Pete saga. I'm a lifelong Cincinnatian, I live on the West Side, and I'm simply worn down by the story. My very unscientific survey based on dozen or so people who asked me about it, indicates that Rose's bombshell announcement was met with a big "So what?" Most people I talk to would like to see Rose get in the Hall of Fame but I haven't heard from anyone who is clamoring for him to manage the Reds again.

Q, from Nick in El Paso: Now that Rose has admitted to gambling on baseball games, including the team he managed, will any owner trust him to manage their team? Knowing that he may bet on baseball games again?

A: The more immediate question is: Will commissioner Bud Selig allow that decision to fall into owner's hands. My guess is any re-instatement will be limited and not allow Rose to manage.

Q, from Larry in Sarasota: I wonder if the Reds will have some players at spring training or will they have to line-up of all the scouts, minor league coaches, and front office people they have signed. That's just a comment. It's clear that the Reds new strategy is to find and develop talent. While that sounds good, isn't it true that with arbitration and free agency, they lose the talent about the time it really matures?

A: This just in: The Reds will have players there. Fifty of them, in fact. Your question is a legitimate one. Developing talent does no good if you can't keep it. If Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns develop into the kind of players the Reds think they'll be, the club better keep them or the loneliest place to be in town will be Great American Ball Park in August.

Q, from Jeffery in Fort Lauderdale: In regards to a replacement for Joe Nuxhall, has there ever been any talk with or about Brennaman Jr.? It would be awesome to see father and son, both great announcers, working together. I know Jr. is with a network, but this could lead to a lifetime opportunity, and a chance for him to come home.

A: I think you're OK calling Thom Brennaman Marty Jr. But don't call Marty Thom Sr. Thom has a pretty sweet gig in Arizona. I think it's a better bet that he would replace his father when Marty retires. I don't see Thom going anywhere to be the No. 2 guy.

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