Sunday, April 27, 2003

Reds E-Mail: Boone genius or time to go?

Fans are ready to send Graves back to bullpen

By John Fay
The Cincinnati Enquirer

E-mailers remained active this week. A loss gets double the response as a win does:

Q, from Rodger in Western Hills: Did I actually read that the Reds were interested in Ricky Henderson? C'mon! Seriously? Do we really need another outfielder? Why aren't I reading that the Reds are talking to Chuck Finley, who remains a free agent, who could help us now. With Jimmy Anderson out, aren't we seeking a good southpaw starter? And don't we want to keep him from signing with the Cards on May 1?

A: I think the Reds were looking at Henderson as a temporary replacement for Ken Griffey Jr. and a leadoff man. As for Finley, my guess is the Reds already offered him what they can afford.

Q, Tom from Hebron: Your article says the shakeup, according to Jim Bowden, won't start at the top, but the box on the front page says it all - eight years of minor and major league managing by Bob Boone, and never a winning percentage. I wonder what the record is for most years managed in the majors without a winning record!

A: Boone won't approach the record. He has to win this year to have a chance to return.

Q, from Greg in Montgomery: Boone is a great manager; he can only work magic with what he's got so many times. The pitching staff is C- at best! Do you think it was bad for him to use Danny Graves as a starter? His first three innings are good; but after that it's downhill. How many more starts do you think we'll see from Graves before he is sent back to the bullpen?

A: I think Graves is in the rotation for the duration. I think he'll come around and be effective. But I could be wrong.

Q, from Dennis in Fairfield: This team has shown for the last two years that they absolutely don't want to win before the hometown fans. I don't think there is another team in baseball that has a worse home record for 2001 and 2002. And now they are trying for 2003. The Reds say they would play better at home if there were more people in the stands. But why should anyone attend a game in Cincinnati if their chances of seeing the Reds win are three out of 10? If the Reds win, the fans will come.

A: The Reds did have the worst road record over the last two years. But your theory is sort of chicken-and-egg. They'll play better if more people come, but people will only come if they win.

Q, from Shawn in Colerain: Any manager that says "we played well" after a loss should be fired before he finishes the sentence! Then for Bob Boone to say he is not worried about the record! The Reds are not prepared or motivated. We need a manager, and a general manager, with a true desire to win! Great American is becoming Paul Brown East.

A: I knew as soon as Boone said that fans who had been numbed to Dick LeBeau-speak would not be happy.

Q, from Derek in Anderson, Ind.: It seems the Wily Mo Pena problem is not one that is going to go away, and that both him and the team will suffer some for it. At the same time, it seems a shame to just lose such a talented young player. What exactly are the waiver rules? Does the team with the worst record get the first claim? Could Jim Bowden send Detroit (being the worst team) a player with the promise of them claiming and then sending him back to the Reds? Even if that were possible, would Pena still immediately have to go to the big-league roster, or could the Reds make a trade and be able to send him to Chattanooga or Louisville?

A: Pena's option status would not be changed by a trade. I'm sure the Reds are looking for a solution. The situation could keep Pena from reaching his potential.


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