Sunday, April 6, 2003

Reds Q&A

Boone needs to display emotion

Nothing like an 0-3 start to get the e-mailers riled up. Their target was Bob Boone. The following dispatch is representative of dozens received.

Question, from Todd: Have the Reds started contract negotiations with Bobby Valentine yet? Bob Boone is absolutely the worst manager in the major leagues. At least Bobby shows some kind of emotion. Boone just sits in the dugout and spits. He is a true embarrassment not only to the Reds but to baseball. A new ballpark, and we have to watch this?

Answer: No one is going to fire a manager after three games (well, maybe George Steinbrenner). When your starting pitchers give up more than a run an inning, as the Reds' starters did in the Pittsburgh series, managing isn't the problem.

Q, from Marcus in Dayton: I noticed that the baseball season opens on Sunday night and not with the Reds on Monday. When did Major League Baseball move from having the Reds open the baseball season, and why did they do it?

A: TV. It changed when ESPN introduced the Sunday night Game of the Week in the mid-90s. The Reds opened the '94 season on a Sunday night. Marge Schott didn't like that, and the Reds returned to Monday afternoon openers.

Q, from Andrew in Los Angeles: Assuming Barry Larkin either retires or plays elsewhere next season, what do you think the $9 million salary that he commands will go toward? Will that enable the Reds to bring in another impact player/pitcher, or will it be needed to cover the rising costs of their current young stars (such as in arbitration cases)?

A: The majority of it will be eaten up by baseball inflation. Aaron Boone, Ryan Dempster, Scott Williamson and Jason LaRue will get huge raises next year.

Q, from Wil at Wake Forest: What's up with the architects bashing Great American Ball Park?

A: Too bad about the Demons Deacons, Wil. What architects think of the stadium matters only to architects. I think Great American rates highly in the only category that matters: It's a cool place to watch a game.

Q, from R.J. in Fairfield: I have been a baseball fan for over 60 years. I have followed teams while residing in the Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis and Cincinnati areas. More than a dozen general managers came and went during this span. Except for Bob Howsam, none of these execs compare to (Jim) Bowden. He is the best there is. I hope we are spared the experience of knowing this after he is gone.

A: Much of Bowden's legacy rests on this year and rightfully so. The Reds have been building for '03 for five or six years.

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