Sunday, February 16, 2003

Reds E-mail

Readers lower boom on Boone

The e-mailers continue to bash Bob Boone before he has made a single double switch. Read on:

From Brian: The Yankees have eight starters, any of whom would be No.1 on the Reds' staff. And the Reds cannot even sign Elmer Dessens! I suggest the Reds should have canned Bob Boone, who is incompetent, and proceeded without a manager so the money could have been used to sign Elmer.

A: The Yankees' payroll is $80 million more than the Reds'. That gets you eight pretty good pitchers. As for your suggestion about going without a manager, Boone's salary wouldn't get Dessens. Boone makes about the major-league minimum.

From Tim in Seoul, South Korea: Pro baseball has absolutely no parity, has an idiot for a commissioner, and the overpaid morons known as the players are the ones in charge and they know it. The next time the players threaten to strike, just fire them the way they fired the umpires. The game itself has become dull, boring and overpriced, and instead of being a pastime, it's a waste of time.

A: I've got a question for you, Tim. Why are you reading about baseball and taking time to e-mail about it?

Q, from Jeff in Milford: When people bash Bob Boone, you give him a pass and say the Reds finished 12 games better in 2002 than in 2001. But they finished 19 games lower in Boone's first season, 2001, than in 2000. How do you explain that? I'm also wondering about this $60 million payroll that includes deferred money. Did the $45million payroll last year include that? A new stadium comes once every 32 years, and we have squandered our chance to succeed by refusing to invest in players.

A: Can't argue with the numbers. As far as the deferred money, yes, the $45million did include deferred money.

Q, from John in Zanesville: What are the key components for a leadoff hitter? 1.) Speed, not so much stolen-base speed but first-to-third speed; 2.) on-base percentage; 3.) low strikeout rate, puts the ball into play. Now, who on the Reds best fits those characteristics? When taking into consideration when the player is healthy, would we not find Ken Griffey fitting most of those characteristics? In a lineup with a glut of middle-of-the-order hitters, Griffey might be the leadoff hitter this team needs. Now, does Bob Boone have the guts to make such a bold move, or is he just too conservative?

A: I don't think being conservative is what would nix that move. More like baseball logic. Griffey, when healthy, is capable of hitting 50 home runs. You want that pop in the middle of the lineup.


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