Sunday, October 06, 2002

Reds Q&A with John Fay

Boone's MVP vote for son earns groans, as does Griffey's comment about offseason work

        The e-mailers jumped all over an item in the notebook from the season finale, saying Reds manager Bob Boone picked his son, Aaron, as the team MVP. The e-mailers didn't agree. Read on:

        Q, from Rich: “Statistically, it's hard to argue with the choice. Aaron Boone leads the Reds in RBI (87), stolen bases (32), and is tied for first in home runs (26).” Don't forget outs. He leads the team in that as well. Team MVP can't be a guy with a .241 average, .313 OBP and .753 OPS. The award goes to Adam Dunn, who not only hit for a higher average but had a .400 on-base percentage, which means fewer outs than anyone on the team.

        A: Dunn hit .153 and drove in six runs over his last 43 games. That doesn't exactly scream MVP.

        Q, from Blair: Please tell Bob Boone he must be crazy if he thinks Aaron Boone could be the team's MVP. How can anyone who hits .241 be the team MVP? I know he led the team in RBI and stolen bases, but with the way the team played this year, that's not too impressive. Maybe he should have sat down some games and Brandon Larson could have had an opportunity to show what he can do (before he got hurt). The team MVP should be Todd Walker.

        A: You can make an argument for Walker. The thing that gives Boone the nod is his big home runs. Seven times he homered to win or a tie a game.

        Q, from John: I am outraged to hear Ken Griffey Jr. claim he will do what he always does in the offseason. Hello! Hasn't he noticed that he has been hurt and maybe he should make a few changes. His statement, “I'll do what I always do; I won't do anything I haven't done in the past,” really fires me up. He is older now, and maybe he needs to spend more time in the offseason getting ready for spring training.

        A: Junior hates to talk about his offseason routine. If he changes it, he won't broadcast it. The only way he's going to quiet the critics is to have a healthy season.

        Q, from Bill in Richmond, Va.: First, let me say I am a huge Barry Larkin fan. Maybe he is not quite Hall of Fame caliber, but very close. Nonetheless, this certainly looked like the end of the line this year. At his age, I don't think you simply can attribute his season to an off year with injuries.

        He has become merely an adequate defensive shortstop, no longer an outstanding one. I am not saying that simply because of his spate of errors at the end of the season. An adequate shortstop and an adequate second baseman (Todd Walker) do not make you strong up the middle.

        Further, Larkin is not catching up with the fastball. When you're looking for a leadoff hitter who can steal some bases (e.g., Joe Morgan), can you afford to keep a .240 hitter with little speed simply because he can field adequately? The Reds need a young shortstop who can field his position, hit .280 and steal some bases. Do you think Barry might retire?

        A: Larkin is not retiring. I think he was more than “adequate” in the field. Whether his .245 average was an off year or the beginning of a downward trend remains to be seen. He did have a career high for doubles (37) — so he did hit the ball with authority — and he finished the season with a streak of 56 at-bats without a strikeout.

        As for the future, the next shortstop could be Aaron Boone, with Brandon Larson taking over at third. The other alternative is Ray Olmedo, a 21-year-old who played at Chattanooga. He hasn't hit yet and maybe he never will. But he's a spectacular fielder and he can run.


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