Sunday, June 23, 2002

Reds Q&A

Fans clamoring for Larson's promotion

        E-mailers took aim at the usual subjects and some new ones this week. Read on:

        Q, from Scott in Memphis: Being far away from Cincinnati, I was wondering if there is any talk inside or outside the organization about bringing Brandon Larson up and giving him some playing time at third base? We need some power and production from the power infield positions, and we're not getting it at either. Could we see more of Adam Dunn at first base as well?

        A: The Reds are looking at bringing up Larson. If the offense doesn't kick in soon, it's worth a flier.

Aaron Boone tosses his batting helmet and gloves after striking out to end the third inning against the Oakland A's Saturday.
(Greg Ruffing photo)
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        Q, from Dave: Reds' fans who played Little League on a team where the manager's son played are having nightmarish flashbacks. Aaron Boone has become the rally killer, not only failing to move runners, but also deflating any momentum the team builds. And yes, while others have had their chances and failed, none has done so with as much consistency, resulting in as low a batting average. This manager's son plays game after game while fans wonder (and how can the players not?) who on the bench, or in the minors, might do a better job. Brandon Larson's numbers show he deserves a chance at third base in the majors. Instead, fans are paying good money to witness this father-son loyalty as the Reds fade from first (possibly another reason for the lower-than-expected attendance).

        A: See above.

        Q, from Mike in New Hampshire: Thanks to DirecTV, I pretty much watch every Reds game they televise, and I have great hope for the future. My concern is not what pitcher we can pick up (though it would be nice to get a front end guy), but will Don Gullett be back next season? He has proven to be invaluable to the Reds and I would hate to see him leave. However, I hear rumors that the Yankees will make a run at him, as their pitching coach is going to retire.

        A: It's just a rumor. But if I were in charge of the Reds, I'd try to lock up Gullett with a contract extension right now. The Reds can't compete with Yankees in a bidding war and there won't be one if Gullett is signed through, say, 2007. The Reds might be working on that right now.

        Q, from Matt in Columbus; I went to two of the three Reds-Mariners games this past week. I enjoy watching the Reds and I am behind them all the way. However, I have to take some time to vent a little about the hitting of Adam Dunn. I am a big fan of his, yet for this series he struck out seven times in 12 at-bats. Having seen most of these at-bats, I can tell you he was swinging at some pretty bad pitches. It appears as though Austin Kearns is doing the same, though he is not striking out as much. I know the Mariners' pitching is pretty good, but striking out this many times is unacceptable.

        A: Dunn's on-base percentage is .460. He's second in the National League in walks. He's third in the NL in strikeouts. But you're going to have to take the good with the bad with Dunn and Kearns. They're only 22 years old.



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