Sunday, June 02, 2002

Reds Q & A

Penny-pinching doesn't make sense for fans

        The Jeff Shaw non-signing had the e-mailers back to their favorite offseason topic: Why don't the Reds spend more money? Read on:

        From Chad in Archbold, Ohio: If the Reds can't come up with a few extra dollars to sign a player the caliber of Jeff Shaw, I guess I can't come up with a few extra dollars to make it to a game at Cinergy this year. I was still debating on which game I was going to attend this season, so now my choice is easy.

        Response: I thought that might not sit well with Reds fans. As chief operating officer John Allen pointed out, $7 million over two years is a lot of money. But not for Jeff Shaw. The other question: Why didn't the Reds offer what they could afford? Shaw might have gone for that. I'm all for balancing the budget. But all you have to do is look at Pittsburgh and Milwaukee and you get an idea of what a bad team does in Year 2 of a new stadium.

        Q, from Tommy: I was looking over the Reds' wins and losses thus far and can't help but wonder why the team does so well during the week (Monday-Thursday) and so bad on the weekends (Friday-Sunday). The Reds have lost on four straight Friday nights and are 2-6 overall. On Sundays, the Reds have lost five straight and are 2-6 overall. On the flip side, they have won on six straight Tuesdays and five straight Wednesdays. . . My question to you is: Why is there a pattern forming on Friday and Sundays in the loss column? Does Bob Boone rest players on the weekend? Is the lineup altered on these days?

        A: My take? I'm not sure I have one. Seems to me it's proof that they keep too many stats. But two weekend series against San Francisco and St. Louis and one against Atlanta might have something to do with it.

        Q, from Jeff: Do you think there is any possibility the Reds and Expos could work out a deal with the Reds sending Juan Encarnacion, Wily Mo Pena and Ricardo Aramboles to Montreal for Javier Vazquez? I keep hearing rumors about Sean Casey to the Indians for Jim Thome. What sense does that make?

        A: One Reds insider says flatly that teams don't trade Nos. 1 and 2 starters. Vazquez falls into that category. As for the Casey-Thome trade, I don't think it'll happen. But if it did, it would set a record for trading the nicest guys.

        Q, from Don in Albany, N.Y.: I don't know if that was your article that was headlined "Dunn mistake costs Reds and Griffey's 0-for didn't help.' But why are you in the media so sour on this guy?. I was also wondering if he was the only guy that had no hits in the game. Maybe if the media left him alone a little bit he would play better. As a Reds fan, I'm getting tired of him getting trashed in the media.

        A: My story. Not my headline. And I didn't mention the 0-for in the story. But I don't think the media have been overly hard on Griffey. Aside from the Channel 12 poll, Griffey hasn't had any complaints either.

        Q, from Steve: Bob Boone is one of the five worst managers in all of baseball, and he is solely responsible for today's 7-5 loss to the Braves (May 26). His daily tinkering with the batting order, his insistence on leaving his son in the lineup every day despite a season-long slump, and his baffling pitching changes are just a few of the ways he costs us games. He has found a new way to cause us to lose now, though. Dumping Adam Dunn at first base as though there is no skill or ability required to play that position at all. . . . Dunn being out of position today was the cause of four unearned runs and played a role in the first one as well. Then he sealed our fate in the sixth. We pull to within 5-3, Reitsma is pitching a fine game (most of those runs were unearned, remember) then with two outs and nobody on, he lifts (Reitsma) . . . for a pinch hitter batting a buck fifty-six on the year. Naturally, Brady Clark grounds weakly to third, and Luis Pineda comes on in relief and promptly surrenders two runs. The game-winning runs, in this case.

        A: It was Dunn's eighth start at first. He made a bad play. It could have happened to Casey. Pineda had not given up a hit in 9 2/3 innings before that appearance. The Reds lost to Greg Maddux that day. Maddux is a pretty good little pitcher.



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