Sunday, November 04, 2001

Reds Q&A with John Fay

Larkin isn't going anywhere

        John Fay, who covers the Reds for the Enquirer, answers email from readers each Sunday:

        Question, from Mark Beckman in Auburn, Ind.: In one of your responses to a reader who suggested trading (Barry) Larkin, you mentioned that Larkin does not carry much trade value. I would suggest that in trading Larkin for anyone, we would free up millions in payroll that could be used to acquire a quality starting pitcher or two.

        Answer: Mark, remember who signed Larkin. Larkin will go only if Carl Lindner says so. And that's only if Larkin agrees to the deal, which he's entitled to. Larkin has been plagued by injuries the last few years. But he has been very good when healthy. And because Larkin makes $9 million, he'd be tough to trade anyway.

        Q, from Dru: The Reds should dump Pokey (Reese) and his $3.5 million contract and also Pete Harnisch and his $3.5 million per year to open up some money to keep some of these players. A lineup of (Todd) Walker, Larkin, (Ken) Griffey, (Adam) Dunn, (Dmitri) Young, (Sean) Casey and (Aaron) Boone is pretty solid. ...

        A: The Reds are trying to move Reese. But the $3.5 million saved won't cover Casey's and Young's raises. As for Harnisch, he's a free agent. The Reds would like to bring him back at a low-base salary with incentives.

        Q, from Isaac of West Chester: I was reading an article by Peter Gammons at that said after the World Series, MLB will buy out two teams, which are Montreal and Florida or Minnesota. When they fold both these teams, there is going to be a dispersal draft in which all the players from those teams are emptied into one big pool. Then the worst teams pick first. Can you add anything to this? Or can you deny any of this?

        A: That would be a huge if contraction happens. Hopefully for the Reds, it will. According to some reports, the Reds could have as high as the third pick in a draft. The Reds already have drawn up lists of players who might be available if contraction happens. (See my Reds insider today.)

        Q, from Dave in Mason City, Iowa: I've been a Reds fan since 1968. The Reds need to spend the money to get a couple pitchers. Keep the regular lineup; I think it's as good as anyone's.

        A: Everyone wants to spend Lindner's money. But only Lindner can decide to do that. History says he'll hold the line. That's why the regular lineup will change, because the Reds can't buy pitching.

        John Fay covers the Reds for the Enquirer. He can be reached at Please include neighborhood or hometown.


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