Sunday, July 22, 2001

Reds-Indians will still play six

Baseball won't cut rivalries in half

The Associated Press

        The lure of Reds-Indians, Yankees-Mets, Cubs-White Sox, and other natural rivalries has caused baseball to scrap its plan to cut those from six games to three next year.

        With interleague opponents rotating next season, it means the Reds will play only three of the four AL West teams, Seattle, Texas, Oakland and Anaheim.

        “The suggestion to keep six games came from a variety of places,” said Katy Feeney, the vice president in the commissioner's office in charge of the schedule. “It hasn't been a perfect schedule for a while.”

        Until 1977 in the American League and 1993 in the National League, teams within a division played all teams the same number of times at home and away. The start of interleague play in '97 and the expansion in '98 created additional imbalances, and the rotation of interleague play next year (AL East vs. NL West, AL Central vs. NL East and AL West vs. NL Central) will exacerbate them.

        Other rivalries baseball has highlighted include Dodgers-Angels, Giants-Athletics, Expos-Blue Jays, Marlins-Devil Rays and Cardinals-Royals. The schedule was altered this year to start the Astros-Rangers, which will continue.


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