2001 Schedule

Starting times are tentative and subject to change.


Mon. 2Atlanta1:05
Tue. 3Pittsburgh7:05
Wed. 4Pittsburgh7:05
Thu. 5Pittsburgh12:35
Fri. 6at Milwaukee8:05
Sat. 7at Milwaukee2:05
Sun. 8at Milwaukee2:05
Mon. 9at Pittsburgh1:35
Wed. 11at Pittsburgh7:05
Thu. 12at Pittsburgh7:05
Fri. 13at New York7:10
Sat. 14at New York1:10
Sun. 15at New York1:10
Tue. 17Milwaukee7:05
Wed. 18Milwaukee7:05
Fri. 20New York7:05
Sat. 21New York1:15
Sun. 22New York1:15
Tue. 24at San Fran.10:15
Wed. 25at San Fran.10:15
Thu. 26at San Fran.3:35
Fri. 27at Colorado9:05
Sat. 28at Colorado3:05
Sun. 29at Colorado3:05


Tue. 1Los Angeles7:05
Wed. 2Los Angeles7:05
Thu. 3Los Angeles7:05
Fri. 4San Diego7:05
Sat. 5San Diego1:15
Sun. 6San Diego1:15
Mon. 7at Arizona9:35
Tue. 8at Arizona9:35
Wed. 9at Arizona9:35
Fri. 11Houston7:05
Sat. 12Houston7:05
Sun. 13Houston8:05
Mon. 14Houston7:05
Tue. 15Arizona7:05
Wed. 16Arizona7:05
Thu. 17Arizona12:35
Fri. 18at Houston8:05
Sat. 19at Houston2:35
Sun. 20at Houston2:35
Tue. 22at Chi. Cubs8:05
Wed. 23at Chi. Cubs2:20
Thu. 24at Chi. Cubs2:20
Fri. 25St. Louis7:05
Sat. 26St. Louis7:05
Sun. 27St. Louis1:15
Mon. 28Chi. Cubs1:15
Tue. 29Chi. Cubs7:05
Wed. 30Chi. Cubs7:05


Fri. 1at St. Louis8:10
Sat. 2at St. Louis1:15
Sun. 3at St. Louis8:05
Mon. 4at St. Louis8:10
Tue. 5at Milwaukee8:05
Wed. 6at Milwaukee8:05
Fri. 8at Cleveland7:05
Sat. 9at Cleveland1:05
Sun. 10at Cleveland1:05
Tue. 12at Chi. Wh. Sox8:05
Wed. 13at Chi. Wh. Sox8:05
Thu. 14at Chi. Wh. Sox8:05
Fri. 15Colorado7:05
Sat. 16Colorado7:05
Sun. 17Colorado1:15
Mon. 18Milwaukee7:05
Tue. 19Milwaukee7:05
Wed. 20Milwaukee12:35
Thu. 21at Houston8:05
Fri. 22at Houston8:05
Sat. 23at Houston8:05
Sun. 24at Houston2:35
Tue. 26at St. Louis8:10
Wed. 27at St. Louis8:10
Thu. 28Chi. Cubs7:05
Fri. 29Chi. Cubs7:05
Sat. 30Chi. Cubs3:15


Sun. 1Chi. Cubs1:15
Mon. 2Pittsburgh7:05
Tue. 3Pittsburgh7:05
Wed. 4Pittsburgh1:15
Thu. 5Pittsburgh12:35
Fri. 6at Minnesota8:05
Sat. 7at Minnesota7:05
Sun. 8at Minnesota2:05
Mon. 9All Star Break
Tue. 10All Star GameTBA
Wed. 11All Star Break
Thu. 12Cleveland7:05
Fri. 13Cleveland7:05
Sat. 14Cleveland1:15
Sun. 15Detroit1:15
Mon. 16Detroit7:05
Tue. 17Detroit7:05
Wed. 18Atlanta7:05
Thu. 19Atlanta12:35
Fri. 20at Florida7:05
Sat. 21at Florida7:05
Sun. 22at Florida4:05
Mon. 23at Atlanta7:35
Tue. 24at Atlanta7:35
Wed. 25at Atlanta1:05
Fri. 27Florida7:05
Sat. 28Florida7:05
Sun. 29Florida1:15
Tue. 31at Los Angeles10:10


Wed. 1at Los Angeles10:10
Thu. 2at Los Angeles10:10
Fri. 3at San Diego10:05
Sat. 4at San Diego10:05
Sun. 5at San Diego5:00
Tue. 7San Francisco7:05
Wed. 8San Francisco7:05
Thu. 9San Francisco7:05
Fri. 10Colorado7:05
Sat. 11Colorado7:05
Sun. 12Colorado1:15
Mon. 13at St. Louis8:10
Tue. 14at St. Louis8:10
Wed. 15at St. Louis8:10
Thu. 16at St. Louis8:10
Fri. 17Milwaukee7:05
Sat. 18Milwaukee7:05
Sun. 19Milwaukee1:15
Mon. 20St. Louis7:05
Tue. 21St. Louis7:05
Wed. 22St. Louis7:05
Thu. 23St. Louis12:35
Fri. 24at Montreal7:05
Sat. 25at Montreal7:05
Sun. 26at Montreal1:35
Tue. 28at Houston8:05
Wed. 29at Houston8:05
Thu. 30at Houston4:05
Fri. 31Pittsburgh7:05


Sat. 1Pittsburgh7:05
Sun. 2Pittsburgh12:35
Mon. 3Houston1:15
Tue. 4Houston7:05
Wed. 5Houston12:35
Thu. 6at Pittsburgh7:05
Fri. 7at Pittsburgh7:05
Sat. 8at Pittsburgh7:05
Sun. 9at Pittsburgh1:35
Mon. 10at Chi. Cubs8:05
Tue. 11at Chi. Cubs8:05
Wed. 12at Chi. Cubs2:20
Thu. 13at Chi. Cubs2:20
Fri. 14Philadelphia7:05
Sat. 15Philadelphia1:15
Sun. 16Philadelphia1:15
Tue. 18Chi. Cubs7:05
Wed. 19Chi. Cubs7:05
Thu. 20Chi. Cubs12:35
Fri. 21at Milwaukee8:05
Sat. 22at Milwaukee7:05
Sun. 23at Milwaukee2:05
Tue. 25at Philadelphia7:05
Wed. 26at Philadelphia7:05
Thu. 27at Philadelphia7:05
Fri. 28Montreal7:05
Sat. 29Montreal1:15
Sun. 30Montreal1:15

All Times Eastern