Monday, May 03, 1999

Wohlers: 31 pitches, 22 balls, 4 runs, 1 out

        Before Mark Wohlers pitched for the Reds' Triple-A Indianapolis affiliate Sunday, Reds General Manager Jim Bowden said it wasn't a make-or-break deal.

        “It's not an evaluative stint,” Bowden said, adding that the Reds have no timetable for resuscitating Wohlers' talents.

        That's a good thing, because Wohlers' outing seemed difficult to sugar-coat: One-third of an inning, four earned runs, five walks, one strikeout and four wild pitches. The Reds hoped that Wohlers could last an inning, but he failed to finish the sixth after relieving Indy starter Mark Thompson.

        Wohlers, the once-dominant Atlanta Braves closer who began struggling with his control in 1998, threw 22 balls out of 31 pitches.

        Pitching coach Don Gullett, who was with the Reds in Atlanta, had little to say about Wohlers' effort.

        “I can't really assess it, except maybe he's reverted back to where he was before,” Gullett said.

        — Chris Haft


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